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Stipra is the first points card for disposal. Just like you use a points card to get points when you buy something, now you also get points when you dispose that something.

In fact, Stipra is an innovative system that allows you to receive points for each household consumer product that you normally throw out after you use. Bottles, boxes, cans... the usual stuff

For that, you download and install the app on your mobile, you make a video or take a photo of each product before throwing it in the trash can and you receive points after they are recognized

Stipra accepts everything and any product you use in your home and that has a barcode: a shampoo, a sardine can, a wine bottle, a beer can, a canned food ...

In addition, all products must have been consumed by you, or people who you register and grant you permission. Each picture or video is immediately analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence system and, once the products are identified, it gives you the corresponding points.

Products must be thrown in the trash cans you normally use. For that it is necessary that you have the GPS activated so that the system identifies the location. And, if you can throw them in the corresponding bin (you know: plastic in yellow, glass in green ...) even better

As for the points, you can exchange them for products, trips, gifts, promotions... and also compete and get kudos! In your client area you can see how many points you have and redeem them.

Make Videos

Make videos of your used household products as you dispose of them

Earn Points

Earn points for the products our impressive AI system identified in the videos you made

Check my points

Check how many points you made for each video you made

Top Users

Be part of a community of people, join one of our 4 schools, see where you rank, and get kudos for recycling

Multi Platforms

You can use an Android or an iOS mobiles

Trash cans

You can use the trash cans you use regularly: the system geolocates them automatically

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