What is Stipra?
Stipra is the first points card for disposal. It is an innovative system that allows you to receive points for each household consumer product that you normally throw out after use

How does it work?
Download the app and use your mobile to make videos of your household products as you dispose of them. The videos are analysed instantly by our state of the art AI recognition system and, whenever it finds a product which one of customer companies is actively tracking, grant you the points the company is awarding

What products can I take a picture of?
Everything and any product you use in your home: a shampoo, a sardine can, a wine bottle, abeer can, a canned food ... As long as they have a barcode, they will be accepted

How many points do I get?
Depends on the product, and the page "Win Points" shows you what they are now. We also award 100 points if the product is unknown to us and 50 points if it is known to us. Also, you get 100 points for registering

And what can I do with the points?
You can trade them for tickets, perks, promotions... and you can also donate them to many charities

I do not have access to disposal bins: someone or the council picks up my trash
No problem: make videos of your products as you throw them in the bag. Another option is to have someone take your trash for you and dispose of it properly: Stipra allows that

Actually, yes! Can take a picture of products from, say, my neighbours trash?
Yes, but in that case you need to register the household and wait until we obtain its permission. Then, when you make a video, you choose which neighbour that rubbish belongs to. The system resends approval requests from time to time, and if it finds out that the user did not have the neighbour permission, it bans the user forever. We take privacy very seriously, so make sure you keep the neighbour informed

Can I throw the products in any trash can?
Yes, and for reason it is necessary that you have the GPS activated so that the system identifies the location of the trash can. Also, the system only grants points if the product was disposed in the right color bin: blue for paper, green for glass, yellow for plastic, and red for metal

What if decide to leave Stipra? What happens with my pictures?
They are all deleted alongside your personal data

What company is behind this site?
TeknTrash : a Big Data and Machine Learning consulting group especialized in obtaining data from end of product life cycle

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